StanFord 2010 MOM Parser - RC-1


Click the Upload link on the homepage and, in the file dialog, select the MOM files you wish to inspect and/or export and click the Open button. Use the Choose a file selector to select the file to inspect or Export button to process and export all the imported files. Please note, that the internet browser refresh refresh resets the app into its initial stage!

Application is a pure HTML/JavaScript implementation that is run locally on browser. The application usage is not monitored in any way and it does not upload any personal or MOM data to any backend services.

User manua as PDF can be found here


Bug fixes
  • 2020-12-09 Fixed a bug in export.js that prevented exporting the minimum filter time correctly

Version RC-1 2019-22-1
  • Export format changed to better support harvester and forwarder specific measurements
  • Bug fixes
  • Added Firefox support in export JS function
  • Minor tweaks to Simple Excel Importer prototype
  • (V2019-13-3-B) Processes MOM files produced by both harvester and forwarder
  • (V2019-13-3-B) Introduces simplified data inspector and export views
  • (V2019-13-3-B) Data inspector includes timeline view for supported files
  • (V2019-13-3-B) Includes Excel importer for easier start

Simple Excel importer
  • Download here
  • Note that this Excel tool imports export files produced with this RC-1 2019-22-1 release MOM parser. Do not forget to enable macros.

Source Code
  • Source code as downloadable zip package can be found here
  • User manual and JavaScript documentation as PDF can be found here

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